7 min 54 sec
HD / color / sound

A collection of characters sit in a slightly wrecked living room, repeating their same action again and again,
as if after some terrible event, seemly waiting for something. A man in a police uniform arrives, and at first,
it seems as though he is there to figure out what has happened. However, as he begins to inspect the room
and its inhabitants it becomes clear that there is something else going on.

Script/Directing/Edit: Avi Krispin

Police Officer: Ori Sade
Aunt: Ronit Ziv
Wife: Ronit Hadad
Teenager: Adi Lahat
Uncle: Adi Ben Yaccov
Last Girl: Ayelet Moreno
Husband: Avi Fisher

DOP: Daniella Nowitz
Line producer: Omer Benjacob
gaffer: Erik Mizrachi
sound recording and mixing: Peter van Drie
makeup: Omer Michael
art: Jessica Kålbermann
additional thanks to: Rami Krispin, Orit Krispin, Hanni Krispin, Bamarom Productions, Simone Bennett,
Red Rental, Braun Altman Equipment, Miki Buganim Makeup Academy


Installation for "A Distant Bird Singing" at de Service Garage, curated by Hélène Webers

poster for show by Michiel Schuurman
CLICK for review of "A Distant Bird Singing" by Marian Cousijn, TUBELIGHT.NL

Catalogue 28th Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival, Germany

Catalogue European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck, Germany