video stills

5 min 46 sec

A prepared statement is delivered in what appears to be after a court verdict. Inspired by empty apologies in the Me Too era and a polarized political climate, the speech begins as a thank you for support, but derails, and as the speaker turns from victim to villain, he falls back on fear and paranoia as a means to incite. He is accompanied by a choir in the form of plants in the background come to life. They support the emotional development of the speaker in song.

Script/Directing/Editing: Avi Krispin

Speaker: David Milton Jones
Plant 1: Amos Zimmerman
Plant 2: Nate Lev
Director of Photography: Román Poretski
Sound Recordist: Kobi Shemer
Assistant Camera: Nevo Azulay
Original Score, Conducting, Mixing: Peter Vandrie 
Production Assistant: Shahaf Ofir
Thank you to: Beit Ariela Library, Guy Dubois, Rushes Equipment, Itamar Goldman