video stills

10 min 19 sec
2K / color / sound

A thick fog takes over the spaces where six characters separately wait for an impending disaster. They repeat their compulsive behaviours,
eventually coming together in their surrender to the fog. The video picks apart the absurdity inherent in Hollywood disaster movies
and the generic characters represented in them, and touches upon our collective anxiety and isolation.

Script/Directing/Edit: Avi Krispin
the soldier: Avi Aviram
the nurse: Natalia Bitran
the director: Zvi Dolev
the archaeologist: Iris Domany
the politician: Shoshana Noy
the guy fetching the newspaper: Avner Ofek

DOP: Omer Lotan
gaffer: Zoe Harodi
Composer: Peter Vandrie
Curator: Karni Barzilay

Made with support by: The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts,
Kav 16 Gallery, Neve Eliezer Community Center, Ministry of Sport and Culture Israel, Macabi Beer


Installation for "Cabin Fever" at Kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv, curated by Karni Barzilay

photo: Daniella Nowitz

photo: Daniella Nowitz

still from additional video in the exhibition: 2 mins, HD, color, sound
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Lecture by Dr. David Gurevitz at the closing event of the exhibition

Performance by haCHEETAHCHEETAH at the closing event of the exhibition

photo: Daniella Nowitz