photos # 2, 9, 12 from photo series of 13 photos
101cm X 152cm
collaboration with Renata Poljak
photographer: Niels Vis
top: stills from video "In Conclusion"
bottom left: set/installation detail from "In Discretion"
bottom right: documentation of secret performance

The show "In Discretion" touched on the theme of comical fetish behavior, anonymous meetings and prearranged perverse rituals.
De Zwarte Ruyter functioned as a set, where visitors had the opportunity to participate in a new video project.
On the opening, a secret performance took place in collaboration with members from Bildetage from Austria.

video: 8”49’, Production in the Netherlands,
2011, HD, stereo sound, color
Switching between apparent documentation and interviews, the video follows six characters in the summary of an unexplained event.
However, the more clues that are given the less clear what had happened becomes.
Actors: Lin Houtman, Niels Albers, Niels Vis, Judith Vogt, Bastiaan Sondervan, Anna Duszczyk
Camera: Philip Schuete
video stills "Echoing Ghost"
4”04 min, Production in United States, 2009
color, stereo sound, HDV, 16:9
collaboration with Art Johnson

The video deconstructs an iconic film scene, by focusing on one pivotal moment that pushes the use
of exaggerated sexual innuendo in the cinematic portrayal of romance to its limits.
looping, Production in United States, 2009
5-channel installation, color, stereo sound, HDV, 16:9

A panoramic five-channel installation confronts the viewer with a group of people in an appliance store.
Each screen follows the same characters as they begin to scratch themselves, giving in to the action
and losing abandon before composing themselves again.
left: still - Koor Ooker Performance on Lake IJsselmeer. Hoorn, 2011, HD, 3'55"
right: still from Interview with Alleta Bak. Hoorn, Netherlands, 2011

"It of the Something in the Lake", 2011, collaboration with Erik Alkema and Gregg Louis, HMK, Hoorn, the Netherlands
A local legend is investigated through clues that were left behind in the city of Hoorn about a a secret society and their rituals.
Inspired by research into old archives and interviews with local residents and expert crypto-zoologists, visualized through sculpture,
relics, photos, performance and a documentary, culminating in an installation in the Maria Chapel.
left: "Banishment"
101cm X 152cm
photographer: Niels Vis

right: "Last Summer"
76cm X 51cm
collaboration with Gregg Louis
photographer: Niels Vis
video stills "Submissive by Nature"
10’54” min, Production in the Netherlands, 2008
color, stereo sound, HDV, 16:9
collaboration with Johann Arens

The film follows a photographer's transformation in a world where everything is tinged with an unexplained sickness
referring to a heated climate and touching on the perverse world of bondage.
looping, Production in the Netherlands, 2008
3-channel installation, color, stereo sound, HDV, 16:9
collaboration with Erik Alkema and Steven de Jong

This looping three-screen installation portrays an island through the prejudiced eyes of three mainland people.
The images slowly expand to reveal a widening perspective that plays on clichéd iconic imagery and how it is created.